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Mesin Slot King88bet. Jakarta – A video clip tape-taping a worker of the Nationwide Narcotics Company (BNN) presumably striking a motorcyclist has gone viral on social media. Among these video clips was submitted to the Instagram account @jurnalispmj on November 7 2023. RTP Live King88bet

King88bet Slot Link . In the video clip, you can see a scene of mayhem in between motorcyclists on the side of the freeway. One chauffeur appeared to be injured on his temple. On the other hand, a red-shirted chauffeur, thought to be a BNN worker, was seen directing at the injured chauffeur. RTP Live King88bet

“I’ll record it to the authorities,” said the injured chauffeur, estimated from the video¬†clip.

“Call the authorities, you think I’m scared,” responded to the BNN worker. RTP Live King88bet

Another motorcycle biker was seen separating the turmoil in between both drivers. They asked both drivers to quit combating.

“That is it, sir,” said the various other chauffeur. RTP Live King88bet

Put together from various resources, the dispute in between both motorcyclists occurred in the Cawang , Eastern Jakarta on Monday 6 November 2023. The BNN policeman was called Pahala Damaris Tambunan, while the sufferer of the beating was Diki. It’s alleged that Pahala hit the sufferer using the butt of a gun. King88bet Slot Link

The sufferer finally reported the situation to the authorities. After being questioned for 12 hrs, Pahala and Diki consented to reconcile. King88bet Slot Link

“I excuse my activities because of a misunderstanding, and the arbitration process is performed at the Eastern Jakarta Authorities. We have consented to make tranquility,” Pahala informed reporters at the Eastern Jakarta City Authorities Head office, Wednesday (8/11/2023). King88bet Slot Link

Mesin Slot King88bet

of the BNN Public Connections and Procedure Bureau, Brigadier Basic Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono, verified the event where his subordinates were associated with a turmoil with motorcycle riders in the Cawang location, Jakarta. Although he has reconciled with the sufferer, said Pudjo, Pahala will still be refined by the inspectorate. Mesin Slot King88bet

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